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Creating,    a    walk    thru    life.

Often, as we travel through life we are challenged to go an extra step. As my children grew I realized they would someday be on their own and that I needed to create a world where I could continue to travel while their lives went down a different lane. I returned to college and to growing in my creativity. I learned to communicate not only with others but with the inner being within me. I learned this being need to be free to grow and to always be challenged. In the 60's I learned to abstract from what my eyes saw to what my mind's eye interpreted. In the 70's I grasped many of the realities of life, while in the 80's I dealt with those realities and grew. In the 90's I have arrived at a crossroad and have made choices which would have been impossible at any other time, hoping that in the new millenium I will arrive where God has shown me the way to go.

At the top right is a painting of a mine, Yellow Rose, painted during this time of my beginning to choose at the crossroad. It is 3 1/2' X 4 1/2' in size with the large rose being one of my looks at the fine, beautiful detail which our world is created.

Below right was my first study for this idea with a beginning of a surrealist look at the freedom of butterflies.

These studies have been continued in my Butterfly Shadow quilt view earlier in my pages.

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My creativity, available to you.

Often people ask if my work is available through a shop or if I own a 
shop, the answer is neither.  I have created, with the help of a loving 
husband and family places in our home to bring forth what you see here and
much more.

If you would like to know more or to contact me you may do so at:

J. Marie Arts & Quilts
P.O. Box 405 
Umatilla, OR  97882