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The small bird house drawings which set on each of the tree branches are silkscreened drawings by one of 4 pen & ink artist (myself) included who draw for my sister-in-law and brother. I thought they needed homes so I created the tree using pieces of bark type fabric and machine embroidery, the pieced background is of various fabrics which have a spring bird theme. It is a wall hanging about 30" X 45".

Molly and Patches the bear are some of my porcelain creations using molds created by other manufactures. The coloring and all costume design is my own. Many of my doll maker friends say I get to 'wild' with my costuming so to start with I have only posted close ups of some of my 'calmer' times. I have been designing doll costume for over 20 years and love to mix and match fabrics and colors that many would never think to use (guess that's the artist in me coming out.

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