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About   me   &   My   Quilts

Many, (many?) years ago my grandmother took me to my first 'quilting' in the church basement. I don't think I was much more than 6 or 7 at the time but all the same I was hooked(sewn). As achild I learned todo anything I could with a needle and then discovered drawing. My grandmothers were two of the most influential and wonderful people in my development of my skills and so I suppose would have to be considered in any creative endeavor I attempt (including these pages). I hope you will enjoy your travels through my journey's as an artist and will share with me your thoughts.

Earth Spirits (top right) was created between 1992 and 1995 and is intended to be the first in a series about nature and humankind together. It was inspired by the beautiful Wallowa and Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon and the People who have inhabited them since the beginning of known history. It was 3 years in the making and is a mixture of tradition and not so traditional techniques. It is hoped that all who enjoy the beauty of this will be reminded how precious our Earth is and help to preserve it for the children of her future. Finished size 90" X 108".

Roses & Lace (center right) was creto expand on traditional quilting. I have a tought time doing what someone else has already done and to tend to embelish everything at least a little. Finished size approx. 48" X 64". (lower right) closeup of Roses & Lace.

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